Camp Wildling Staff

Rose Hinsz, LMT  - Authentic Self Care & Curious About Cannabis 


Rose discovered a passion for Authentic Self work through a dedication to Self Worth. Advocating Self Care grew from years of pain, strain, stress and dis-ease. Noticing she was not alone, Rose answered the call of her soul through the doorway of body work, language and curiosity.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Healer and Certified Cannabis Wellness Coach, she continues to gather tools to share in her pursuit of health, harmony and ease. Music, movement and nature take her everywhere she wants to be. Thriving on radical honesty and relationship anarchy, she believes Love is the most powerful form of energy. To Love yourself can mean so so so many different things. 

You'll find Rose hanging around music & art festivals in the summer months, camping with her dogs, enjoying anything from a book to some exercise in her variety of hammocks, or napping in a sun beam. 

Sedona Alvarez - Vinyasa Yoga & Yin Yoga 


Sedona’s devotion to living artfully is the driving force behind empowering yoga classes that emphasize awareness, embodiment, and authenticity.  Sedona is an artist and yoga teacher who has been cultivating community in Kansas City since 2013 with unique offerings. In 2019, she graduated with 500-hour credentials from Colorado School of Yoga with Gina Caputo, creatrix of Integrated Vinyasa™, a system of yoga that “illuminates our wholeness, our relationship to Nature, and an energetically sustainable approach to living fully.” Sedona is Founder of Yoga + Hiking in Kansas City, leads yoga retreats world wide, is a faculty member of Karma Tribe Yoga’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program and is a presenter for Westport Yoga’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings.

With a trauma-informed approach to teaching that is steeped in personal experience and anchored in the belief that everybody deserves to benefit from the practices of yoga, Sedona encourages you to embrace your individual experience. Come as you are and take refuge knowing that she has mindfully crafted an accessible, inclusive class for you. Rich with creativity, peppered with humor and woven together with pearls of wisdom, Sedona’s classes are intelligently designed to help you find more freedom in every facet of life.


Outside of her yoga teaching practice, Sedona loves to paint, play guitar, take in a live show, travel, laugh with friends, drink coffee, read, snuggle her precious cats, Lou and Lilu, and hike with her beloved dog, Ruby Joon.

Jaime Mattivi, RYT - Yoga 


Jaime has creativity in her soul.  She has never met a project that she didn’t want to try.  She has a passion for upcycling old things, creating things with yarn, making yarn out of things that aren’t, collecting notebooks, pyrex, and plants, being a zombie, all things Halloween, and sniffing books. When she discovered yoga, she knew that she had found the spiritual answer she had always been looking for.  In 2019 she had her 10th yoga-versary, and through her practice she has achieved things she never dreamt possible, including purchasing KC Yoga Center in 2018. 

Michael Cirone - Camp Operations & Trail Running 

Michael can make anything happen.  He fixes the broken things, problem solves the trickiest puzzles, and ensures everything runs smoothly.  He's someone you want on your team.  Michael's been making Kelly's dreams come true for almost 20 years.  When not keeping things shipshape at camp, you will find him running 50 miles at a time on the trails, working as a bad ass foreman for his architectural sheet metal company, listening to Norwegian black metal, playing guitar or cooking amazing meals for his family (who would most assuredly perish without his help in this department).  If you need a hand at camp, just look for his mesmerizing blue eyes or listen for his contagious laugh (and, ahem, New English sarcasm).  

Lyn Benson - Charcoal Drawing  


Lyn is a self-taught portrait artist. He discovered the therapeutic benefits of charcoal drawing while recovering from an illness. Lyn is an artist, yogi, auto mechanic, computer technician, and former US Marine.


He lives in Kansas City, Kansas with his best friend, a Belgian Malinois named Susan.

Pam Tibbs, RYT - Yoga & Meditation

Pam was in the restaurant industry for nearly 30 years, experiencing almost every position, from busser to general manager. She left the industry in June 2019 to pursue a different path in life coaching. Recently, she was certified as a life coach through iPEC, a coaching program accredited by the International Coach Federation.  She also has a background in counseling psychology and believes her purpose in life is to support herself and others on their journey to self-fulfillment, actualization, and enlightenment.

She provides a safe and caring environment so that as you are on your unique journey, you are able to be open and honest about your fears, your "flaws", your dreams, and your goals.