Camp Workshops

Session 1 - Friday, 9:30 - 10:30 AM          
1    Vinyasa Yoga - Sedona
2    This I Know is True - Healing and Processing
the Pandemic Experience - Kelly
3    Trail Running - Michael

Session 2 - Friday, 11 - 12   
1    Friendship Bracelets - Jaime
2    Yoga + Moving Meditation - Pam

3    Charcoal Drawing - Lyn

Session 3 - Friday, 3 - 4:30 PM
1    Authentic Self Care - Rose
2    Yoga Nidra - Kelly

Session 4 - Saturday, 9:30 - 10:30 AM
1    Trail Running - Michael 
2    Yoga + Moving Meditation - Pam
3    This I Know is True - Healing and Processing the Pandemic Experience - Kelly

Session 5 - Saturday, 11 - 12
1    Curious About Cannabis - Rose
2    Friendship Bracelets - Jaime  

3    Charcoal Drawing - Lyn

Session 6 - Saturday, 3 - 4:30 PM
1    Kick it by the Meramec - Kelly
2    Yin Yoga - Sedona    

Workshop Descriptions 

Friendship Bracelets with Jaime Mattivi

What is more camp than friendship bracelet making?  Join Jaime for a fun and thoughtful hour of arts+crafts that not only reminds you of being a kid but also draws you into mindful awareness.  Her Friday session will focus on chakra colors.  During her second session you will play with Camp Wildling's official colors.  As you tie the knots and create your bracelets, Jaime will discuss moving meditation and how employing repetitive movement can lead to a deeper connection to yourself and your environment.  

Vinyasa Yoga with Sedona​ Alvarez


Sedona's Vinyasa class is an opportunity for you to freely explore your radical authenticity.  “Vinyasa” means “to place in a special way”.  This is an intentional practice of cultivating extraordinary consciousness, yoking awareness to the present moment by linking breath with movement.  You will have the opportunity to explore your creativity and invite an element of play into your practice.  This offering is for anyone who is ready to tune in, get curious, break out of habitual patterns and open up to new possibilities.  Options and variations are offered to help you to find healthy alignment in your unique body so that you can mindfully curate a practice that meets you where you are at.  

Trail Running with Michael Cirone


Unleash your inner wildling on a super fun group run with Michael.  He will keep an easygoing pace and you can expect to get in about 4 miles.  Running is hard, but you know what makes it magical?  Running through the forest, listening to wind in the trees, and feeling yourself come alive.  Having completed several trail ultra marathons, Michael will give you some helpful tips before you set off on your adventure.  Bring water and wear trail shoes if you have them, otherwise street running shoes will do.  

Yoga Nidra with Kelly Cirone​


Yoga Nidra is a portal into unfettered consciousness, to the realms that lie between sleeping and waking. Through the use of body sensing, breath awareness, guided imagery and other practices, Kelly will masterfully guide you on a meditation journey through the deepest layers of your being, the koshas. To get the most out of this illuminating experience, it's vital for you to be as relaxed as possible on every level.  Keep in mind that this session will be spent lying down without movement, so you may want extra padding under your hips and legs.  If you've been dealing with congestion, you might want some extra pillows to prop up your back and head. We will have some bolsters, blocks, blankets, and yoga mats on hand.  Please bring your own props if you have them.  

Yin Yoga with Sedona​ Alvarez


Sedona's Yin class is a deep dive into the energetics of yoga.  The poses are just the tip of the iceberg - most of this practice is happening beneath the surface.  More of a mental and emotional practice, Yin offers the opportunity for you to cultivate your inner witness by sitting with yourself through manageable discomfort.  These workable challenges invite you to cultivate awareness, training your mind to be less reactive through the process.  Props are provided for optional use so that you can move through an integrated and accessible practice.

Authentic Self Care with Rose Hinsz


Camp is already such an amazing act of Self Care! Experience more dedicated self reflection while you dive even deeper with Rose. Explore your needs and how to listen to them effectively. Enhance your experience with mindset and a little guided imagery. Self Care requires intentional and repetitive action, with the purpose of nurturing your own well-being. Set that intent deep inside a space you dare to dream. Learn easy activities you can use anywhere & anytime to bring balance back to your body. Journey through a breathwork practice, followed by physical embodiment and mindful movement.  

Kick it by the Meramec with Kelly Cirone​


Camp Wildling is being held on the beautiful waters of the Meramec river.  Grab your flotation device, beach towel and water shoes and meet Kelly for some good old fashioned Ozarks river fun.  Hanging out by the river, floating in its current, soaking up the sun, and laughing with your friends is one of the most fun things you can do at camp.  This session isn't necessarily a guided experience but rather a chance to celebrate the Water element with like-minded, soul-inspiring friends in a gathering devoted to play and exploration.  

Keep in mind there is no lifeguard on duty so this session, much like life, is at your own risk.  

Curious About Cannabis with Rose Hinsz


Whether you’re a seasoned toker or completely new on the scene, Rose welcomes you & your curiosity! Missouri is a Medical Marijuana state, which means this plant medicine may be available to support your health & wellness needs. We’ll chat about the Endocannabinoid system already inside your body, CBD, THC, ingestion methods, getting an ID and everything in between. All questions are encouraged. 

*No plant material included, this is an information-sharing & educational event only*

This I Know is True - Healing and Processing the Pandemic Experience with Kelly Cirone


This session is designed to allow you to share and process your experiences during the pandemic.  What truths have you discovered about yourself?  Where have you found healing and connection?  What wisdom can you share?  We will circle up for a heart-to-heart talk in a socially distanced small group in a beautiful outdoor location.  

Please bring a journal and writing tool. 

Charcoal Drawing with Lyn Benson 

Campers will learn techniques for using charcoal as a drawing medium. Sketching, blending, light and shadow will be explored, as well as the use of drawing tools and supplies. You can expect to learn some basic techniques for drawing, and pointers for improving accuracy and composition. Art supplies will be provided. Already have some? Bring your favorites!

Yoga + Moving Meditation with Pam 

Join Pam for a special class that weaves together the smooth lines and thoughtful movements of Hatha yoga with the immersive, depth charge of moving meditation.  Using the river and the forest as her inspiration, this class asks you to open up and let yourself be vulnerable -- releasing destructive, unnecessary energy patterns so that you leave camp feeling empowered and genuinely at ease with yourself.